"The Mind Affects the Body, therefore the way we think and feel has a strong impact on how we physically perform. In competition sports competitor's physical skills are often comparable and the difference between winning and losing is in the mind".

Mental Training For Shooting Success

Champions from every sport continually look for ways to improve their skills and for ways to pack more training time into each day. The same is true of world-class biathletes and competitive shooters. Many champion shooters prepare themselves for match pressure through a training method, which can be conducted both on and off the shooting range. This little understood, but powerful technique, is called by many names; mental practice, mental rehearsal, visualization or mental imagery.

"Mental training can open many doors and do many positive things. What it cannot do, however, is grant you shooting skills if you do not possess them. Mental training is not a substitute for technical shooting training, its primary purpose is to enable you to achieve your potential in a match." You achieve that potential by creating a mental program that keeps out unwanted thoughts and focuses the mind on the exact elements that create success in shooting and in rapid, smooth range procedure for the biathlete.

All world class biathletes and shooters must prepare for the excitement and pressure of competition. They must be prepared to think only of the positive things that they want to accomplish while shooting. Nothing else can be allowed to take away their concentration. They must focus only on firing the perfect shot.


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